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Acerca de

Eva Sjerps (1982) is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and film
coach, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her films ‘COCON’ (2016)
and ‘MET ALLES WAT ER IS’ (‘DANCERS’) (2017) where both premiered at the
Dutch Film Festival and were broadcast on Dutch television. Eva has made a film about artist Claudy Jongstra, in the series Dutch Masters Of The 21st Century, and is presently shooting her new film ‘SPIEGEL’ (worktitle), which will be released
in 2023. She has collaborated with different artists and directors, and has worked with Dutch film directors such as Frans Weisz, Pieter Verhoeff and Lisa Boerstra. Eva graduated at film academy KASK, (now: School of Arts) in Ghent.


Her subjects are often for her unknown worlds where she searches for
what touches her and what she can connect with. Worlds that are often close by, where people go through a personal transformation. So as i
n her film  ‘COCON’ the boxing school in her own street, in ‘MET ALLES WAT ER IS’ (DANCERS) people with Parkinson’s disease, who dance at the Scapino Ballet building. And in ‘SPIEGEL’ a social farm where horses are used for mental coaching.

She takes you through a sensory experience, where you can feel her empathy and personal view on the subject. Eva is interested in a direct and tactile
experience of the world. Small gestures and glances reveal people’s
vulnerability, strength and connection. Eva comes very close to her subjects in a respectful way.

Peter Delpeut, filmmaker and writer, about Eva:

"Eva Sjerps maakt intense, sfeervolle films. Met haar camerawerk kruipt ze zo dicht mogelijk naar de personen die ze filmt toe. Je hebt als kijker het gevoel dat je ze kunt aanraken en tegelijkertijd bij ze naar binnen kunt kijken. Eva maakt de mentale processen van haar personages zichtbaar en voelbaar. Die blik is uniek. Ik denk omdat hij voortkomt uit een diepe en oprechte interesse in de ander. En een volmaakt samenvallen met haar camera. Eva wordt de camera als ze filmt. En in haar blik omarmt ze wat ze ziet -- om niet meer los te laten."

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